Monday, December 22, 2008

7 PM

It is 19:00 (7 PM) and very dark out. Not to mention 5 degrees (40 F). I really need and want to start running everyday. But seriously it is dark out and cold! I was planning to go to the yoga studio but it is closed for two weeks! And finally, I could do a home workout video, right? Oh boy this is the best part. After an hour spent looking through Saturn (the German Best Buy), the only dvd I found in English was Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease. Seriously?!?! The three volume set includes one actual workout titled, "fit to stip". Not that I bought it or anything...

Then there is the problem of jelly beans. This is a battle I have been fighting for the past 15 years. Seriously, who still eats jelly beans at my age?

OK, I think I convinced myself to go for a run...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More London Photos

London Tower Bridge
Buckingham Palace

Covenant Garden

More exciting than my kitchen, right? Although, right now it is 10 PM and what am I doing? Making pasta. I think I need some new really easy meals to make.

Oh, and how much are we loving the "winter" coat? Seriously, who wants to walk around wrapped in a blanket. Although I must admit, it seems totally normal to me now. I just realized how ugly these coats are when I saw the photo.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have been cooking a bit. So far I can boil water and melt a little butter for pasta. I keep thinking I am going to start a fire by leaving the pasta box on the stove. I just checked; it is a safe foot away from the flame.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings are always the same around here, packing.

What I am packing....

What I wish I was packing....

Maybe if I taxi everywhere?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Truth

Winter is so mean. No, actually winter is beautiful and kind and exciting and fills me with child-like enery each snow filled morning. But fall is such a tease that it makes a beautiful woman like winter seem like a lot of work. Fall with her carefree tempatures that allow you to forget your coat or bundle up with a purple scarf just because you had an extra five minutes to accessorize. Fall with her store windows full of boots and coats that you just know you will look smashing in for months to come. Fall that is crisp and orange and filled with the promise of a glam winter wordrobe that will check the bill of you finally becoming a true sophisticated woman. It was fall that I put my flip flops away for. Fall that I traded my heels into flats for. FALL that I spent all my money on boots for!!!!! And now she is gone. And will she ever even come back? Can spring take her place? Surely my boots will look great in spring I tell myself as I pull on my "winter" boots and zip up my "winter" coat.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not His Type

Not his type. That is what one of my friends said to me today. Right before he asked me for the third time in ten minutes if I was intrested in going on a date, having an office romance or both. My answer was consistent....No. That is until the third time when he added the interesting tid bit about me and what "type" I was. Well he did not say what type I was, but he sure seemed to have a opinion. That is what was so interesting to me. REally interesting let me tell you. Which is unfortunate on two accounts. First, I was at work under a pile of audit reports and looming deadlines which were beginning to suffer even futher now that I was distracted and interested. And second, he finally had my attention and thus control of the interaction. I like to be in charge especially....well, always. So I asked him for details about me. I mean seriously, why would I ask this guy who barely knows me to tell me about myself. Yet I did, matched his three atempts before I finally got the guy to crack. I think I might have even had to mention something about how I would go on a date with him if a: we did not work together b: he did not have a girlfriend (classy, huh?) and c: he could explain in excrutiating detail (ok just explain) what "type" I am. This is what I got, "It is you and it is hot and all but guys pay for things for you and that is a total turn off." WHAT?!?! How can what someone else does make me a type?! He continued (without prodding this time) digging the hole which would seal the fate of us never going on a date had one of us (him) gotten fired, dumped his girlfriend and sent all of the snow pilled up on the roof of my car to freeze the place of no angels, that he liked how I was independent and took care of myself and all but just would never buy a girl a plane ticket or pay for two dinners in a row. And that is when I got it. It was about him, not me. OK, well maybe it was a little bit about me and I did ask right? And the warning label was there although in my defense it takes some time to translate , "If you are not interested in me than it is irrelevent" into the true meaning....brace yourself, this might hurt. But the truth always does, or usually does. Sometimes hurts? What do they say? Anyway, it did hurt. So I decided to thank him and move on. Wondering where to send my mail from now on? (Which seriously don't you think the Egypt pics are comment worthy? There are only one of the 7 wonders of the world and all! I am getting tempted to post some old shots of the grand canyon just to see if 2/7 of the world's wonders would be comment worthy.) OK, I am not. But I bet the man who received my invitation to share a pizza after work, "since I still owe him dinner and all" is wondering what "type" of girl I am. Not that I am asking!!! Thank you very much...


After wondering for a few minutes how I was ever going to get to the office; I called a taxi. So the day was a success, one resourceful beginning and a wonderful walk home through the snow with my new friend B.

Monday, December 1, 2008

What You Don't Know...

1. I throw up on planes. Great for a girl who pretends to be a jet setter.
2. I am hearing impaired. You can not tell unless I do. However, I am and it makes walking in traffic, talking on the phone, ordering in a loud restaurant and working difficult. But don't feel sorry for me....I am fine.
3. I passed the CPA Exam on my first try. Most people need a little practice.
4. I had braces at 26. Not to straighten my teeth but because I broke my jaw surfing.
5. I have completed 1 full marathon and 6 half marathons.
6. I have traveled the world alone and never driven a rental car. Too afraid!
7. If I was not a CPA I would be a tax attorney or a dolphin trainer.
8. I am horriable swimmer. (Which explains why I am not a dolphin trainer!) My last apartment had a roof top pool. I dreamed of being a graceful after work swimmer. It never happened.
9. Sherman wakes me up in the middle of the night on a regular basis.
10. I had a big phone fight with a girl a few months ago. I thought she might have won. Now I know I did.
11. My family calls me Yvie.
12. I will spend any amount of money on something that I love. But I only buy things that I love. I hate clutter and am a fierce believer in the concept of fashion amortization. Hence the Rolex, but no trendy costume jewlery.
13. I worked as a nanny while I was a student.
I4. I usually have no clue what I am doing and am comfortable with that.
15. I can speak Spanish and am learning German.
16. I am deathly afraid of skiing, but keep taking lessons.
17. I have a beautiful new mercedes but take the bus. I love the freedom of being able to just hop on and off without parking or planning ahead.
18. I was a perfectionist and control freak until my perfect life spun out of control.