Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am alive! And even more importantly, I am happy. I love it here. I finally feel like my life is moving at the right pace and in the correct direction. I have struggled with this a lot of the past couple or years. Actually most of my adult life I have felt that things were moving too fast or towards a dead end. Now I can relax and breath (even when I am not in a yoga studio). I am in the right place and each day is exciting and exactly how it should be.

I am not sure why I had to move across the world to get my balance back....but I did and it worked.

I have been taking pictures and I will post them soon... I have already been to Norway, Munich and Hamburg. In the next couple of months I will visit Italy, France, Prauge, Switzerland and Egypt. The boys (Sherman and Ellie) stay at a dog kennel that is on a little farm. Sherman gets so excited about the chickens.