Sunday, March 30, 2008

My New Place

I LOVE it! Enough said...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


After looking at Easter blogs for the past few minutes, I decided I must be the only person in the world without kids. KIDS, plural... How did everyone have time to have three or four children?? And how are we old enough to have kids that are 9 years old???

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Poor Little Ear

I feel like I should have been blogging for the past few years, and now I need to get all caught up. So one thing that is very important to me and each day of my life is my ear. Readers Digest version of the story, I got hurt surfing and now I am deaf. Not completely...well completely on my right side. Good thing we are born with two ears. However, we are born with two ears because you NEED two. Each day I face not being able to order in a noisy restaurant, and people giving me dirty looks because they think I am ignoring them....when actually I did not even hear them.... Anyway, I have had four surgeries and the three surgeons who have operated on me have run out of options. So for now, I am deaf....just on the right side. People get used to it. My friends always let me sit on the inside of the booth at restaurants and my wonderful running pals have a fancy little figure eight we do at each dead end in the path....allowing me to seamlessly loop to the outside right edge of the group and keep up with the conversation. I don't really mind it now that I am used to it. I forget most of the time until I notice someone looking at me waiting for an answer to a question I did not hear. I usually just nod and hope I am getting what I intended....or at least not something weird and expensive. OK, readers digest did not really happen..... The important thing here is that I am a nicer person because of my hearing impairment. The accident and injury are a part of me, not just something that happend to me.

I Sold It!!!!

I just accepted an offer for the house I wrote about in my blog yesterday!!! These are some of my favorite pictures taken at the house....when it was my home. Don't worry, my new place is better....very different but a much better fit for me. This place was great for lizard Sherman will miss it, but he likes the city and having a view.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Home

My house has offically been on the market for one year. Not only has it been on the market, but it has been empty. It is so stressful. Each month I pay the mortgage and my new house expenses and get so stressed out thinking it will never end. I lived in this house for six years and it was my first home. It was really difficult to make the decison to move out. Now I just want to sell the place and get on with my future. I feel like I can not move on officially until this place is sold. I am praying for a miracle.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Power Yoga

I just attended my first power yoga class. It was difficult and hot. They turn the room up to 90 degrees!! I only go because I am so jealous of all the people who can do handstands and crazy arm balance poses. They make it look so easy...and it is NOT! I can do everything put the inversion poses. I can barely do the crow....and I broke my jaw (surfing...not in yoga class) so I just know that when I do fall, my poor little face will just break apart again. But I really am I will keep going.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Florist

I just went to lunch at a restaurant that I have only been to a couple of times, over four years ago. This restaurant is in a neighborhood that I never go to...the avenues and I am stick to the streets...being an East valley girl at heart. Anyway, I was obviously in a very random location. My lunch date was a friend that I have known since kindergarten. She is one of the people who knows me best in the world. Then the weirdest thing happened, my next door neighbor walked in. And I live in a high rise picture a hotel and we have hotel rooms next to each other. I know who he is dating (she was with him), I know he goes to work at 7 AM and he wears blue scrubs (we share an elevator) and that he loves to eat takeout pizza from dive Italian restaurants and works out without his glasses on the elliptical trainer three times a week. OK, so now I am thinking....if I know this much about this guy (although strangely enough....I can't recall his name) imagine what he would tell you about me!! So now I am in the random restaurant with one of my best friends and neighbor....and in walks my BROTHER!!! weird! So here I am surrounded by three people who know more about me than anyone else in the world....and I am sitting down at the computer wondering who I am and what I have to write today? Maybe I should have asked them.... Or maybe not....since that is one of my favorite parts of being single; finding out what my life looks like when I am the only one making the decisions.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I just realized that the things I often feel like I need a break from are the same things I miss the most when they are gone. For instance, 6 AM Saturday morning long runs. During running season I get into a routine of drinking extra water and going to bed early on Friday nights, but always think that what I really need is a break from my routine. Well I have had over a month without a single early morning Saturday run and today I realized that it is what I am missing. It is the reason I feel a bit off. Probably the reason my jeans are a little tight too! This happens with people too, especially people you are dating. Sometimes a little alone time sounds so wonderful. Then after a week or so, you end up wanting nothing more than that same person to come home. The weird part is that I never seem to see this coming. In fact, I don't think you can predict this just have to relax and go with how you feel. Then when you realize you were heading in the wrong direction, you can adjust your path with the confidence that you are making the correct decision.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Year of Travel

I am excited to have a place to capture and share all of my travels. This past year....I was recovering from a broken heart. I have always loved to travel....and so I decided that would be a great way to get on with my life. My plan did not really work...but I have some amazing pictures to share!! By the way, a broken heart follows you wherever you go. But as everyone has told me (at least ten times)...time does heal all.

Ten years....Two dogs

I was invited to view a friend's blog yesterday. After spending more time than I would like to admit (this is addicting) looking at pictures of my old friends' new children...I decided it was my turn to start a blog. At first I was not sure what I could possibly write about...but I am sure I have something to say. I do not have children, although I would love to someday. I just need to meet their dad first! I have spent the past ten years either in school or pursuing my career. I am a CPA and I work a lot. I love having a career and being able to travel and spend time with my friends. This is my first year living alone...and I love it....and I have found the perfect spot for me and my boys....two min pins...Sherman and Elliot. I will post pictures; as soon as I figure out how! If anyone reads this....please give me some tips on how this works and what I need to do to give my blog some personality.